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Day of Rest...

Funny how life changes once you have kids. It used to be that I could go all day without a nap, and now I feel like I need one - or two - just to make it through the day. Am I really getting that old???

I'm finally getting the hang of this blog thing... Don't know if I'll have the discipline to keep it up, but it may be a good place to start journaling my thoughts and prayer requests. I just don't know if anyone besides you will read it. Kinda interesting to think about, though. How many people are interested in my life? And why share it with the world? Wierd. I would have never thought of it earlier. But that was before Prodigy. The whole thing. Before we could make up our own e-mail addresses, and back when modems dialed at a measly 2400 bps. Funny. But I digress...

If you're around and reading still... please pray for my wife Jennie. I love her dearly, and I know that her health hasn't been the best it could be. She suffers from hypothyroid, which causes her to be easily fatigued... I know she's not doing well, and we're hoping that once our health insurance is up and running (as of Feb. 1, 2005), we'll be able to get her into the doctor. I just hope it's not too late, as she's been having funny things going on with her heart and breathing. Scary. I can't imagine losing her, and the thought scares me - but she's brought it up on more than one occassion, and so... just please pray.

Okay... well, it's time for my nap, so... gonna close for now. If you're a friend that's dropping by to see what's been going on with my life... would you send me an e-mail? I'd love to hear from you. Tell me what's been going on in your life, and maybe give me some idea of what I should write about here.

BTW, if you want to read an interesting blog, check out Hillary Greenlee's. It's over at, and is just a fun read for anyone who's looking to kill some time. In other words, it's much more interesting than mine.

But I'm rambling. So. I'll close for now. Bye. Later. Ciao.


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