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An endorsement for doctrine

John Piper, on his ministry site, Desiring God, wrote this article about the need for doctrine and the difference it makes. It should only take a little bit of your time, but it's worth the read.

Find it here.


A Friend of Discernment

One of the most interesting ideas thrown my way over the past few weeks has been the one of unity within the church. While unity is a noble goal and a worthwhile goal, the question must be asked, "at what point does the importance of the goal diminish the importance of discernment?" It's been interesting to me, over the course of several conversations - many with leadership in ministry, including pastors - to hear and think about the notion of doctrine being divisive. To hear and think about the idea that we are united in Christ, and as long as people are reaching people for Christ, then we should seek to be unified with them.

"I used to be opposed to the likes of Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen," said one person. "But I had to come to terms with the fact that people are coming to Christ through their ministries, and so to be divisive towards them would be hurting the cause of Christ."

Really? John Piper, in the advertisement for the 2006 Desiring God National Conference, says it plain and simple:

"Those who talk like this - 'Christ unites; doctrine divides' - have simply replaced a proposition with a word. And they think they have done something profound. And fresh. When in fact, they have done something old, and stale, and deadly."

At what point, then, does doctrine and discernment become necessary in our quest for Biblical Truth in an age of Postmodernism? And how do we, as a Church body seeking for God's glory, work towards that while many churches turn their hearts away from Biblical Truth for the sake of numbers?

Has it really become forbidden in our churches to seek the Truth? To dialogue about doctrine? Has Satan actually fooled us into believing that people don't want answers? That this generation is turned off by absolute Truth? I, for one, am worried and praying that God will raise up leadership in the Church that will call for sound doctrine and Biblical excellence. Is that too much to ask?

In an effort to equip and challenge whoever may read this blog, I have added a new section to my links on the right hand side. I urge you, take some time to read through these articles. There is nothing more dangerous - especially in this day and age - than to simply follow your faith blindly. It's a scary world out there, folks, and I pray to God that we don't succumb to Satan's attack to dismantle us from the inside out.

God bless,