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Because it bears mentioning...

It's not too often that I come across a ministry site out there that really catches my attention. Sure, I'll visit certain sites merely for information, but this site really has pulled some great resources together and in a really attractive way. Tired of cheesy church sites? Want to have some questions answered? Looking for meaning in life? Try this site here. If anything, you won't find any of flannelgraph pictures of Jesus here.

Although if there was a flannelgraph website around... no, nevermind.


Is it any wonder...?


I think this proves my point...

Click here. And be scared. Is this really what Evangelical Christianity is coming to???


A Biblical illiteracy crisis

Okay, so after hearing a message given by Francis Chan on The DaVinci Code, I felt that I had to follow up my last post with a plea for Biblical literacy among Christians. I think what struck me the hardest is that the status of the current church puts many Christians on the same level as the cults. I mean, do you really think that a devout Jehovah's Witness actually studies their Bible to get the answers they give? No! Most of what they pass on are deceptive teachings that are propogated from their teachers and leaders, and the emphasis on needing to "search the Scriptures" (Acts 17:11) to test the truth of their teachings is simply non-existent.

But what about us? As Christians, I believe we have a responsibility to search the Scriptures; to be Biblically literate, always ready to "give an answer for the hope that we have." (2 Pt. 3:15) Otherwise, what is it that separates our truth from the "truth" that the cults propogate?

It's that sort of reliance that many Christians have on their leaders that I believe is at the root of our fear in the upcoming release of the DaVinci Code.

So... please... take this to heart, and crack open those Bibles. :-) You might just be suprised at what God has in store for you when you do. :-)

Happy studying!


The DaVinci Saga

Okay, so with all of the buzz going around about the upcoming "DaVinci Code," I thought I'd throw in my two cents, for whatever it's worth. After all, I haven't read the book - much like many of the Christians who are talking about it, it seems. However, my reason for not having read the book is more attributed to the fact that I am a dad to three young kids, as opposed to being opposed to reading it for the sake of my faith. Give me a break.

Honestly, I wonder if all of the controversy surrounding the book in the Christian world is simply founded in the insecurity that the Christian churches at large are facing in America - that we have simply focused too much on feel-good, fluffy messages without much content and Apologetics that when something comes along to challenge our faith, we have no other recourse but to coil in fear.

C'mon, folks - we're in a battle here, and it's time that the Church takes its stand and trains its members to be prepared in and out of season for the hope that we have in Christ Jesus. Maybe when the leadership of the Church starts focusing on teaching the Bible - and teaching people how to use it - and less on making people feel good, we'll be better prepared for the next go-around.

As for me, I'm sick of hearing about the DaVinci Code from Christians. Do they really think that I am so weak in my faith that I'm not prepared to face this head on? Thank God for the Pastors that have given me the confidence in my faith that I need to know that a simple work of fiction will not come close to shaking it.

Just my two cents. Again. :-)