My Feeble Attempt at a Blog

2007 Triangle Harvest—with Greg Laurie, Third Day, David Crowder Band, Toby Mac, Leeland, and more!


So tired....

It's 10am in the morning now, as I gaze blankly into the computer screen. "Write something!," my brain tells me. "I know!," I speak into the empty oblivion. "But what?" No response. Like I expected one. Nobody else is here.
But there it was. "Come home." The words reverberate in my head. "Ye who are weary... come home."

"But I'm not done yet! You don't know what I want to do still!," my mind protests, though my body and soul are weary and urge me to think and say otherwise.
"It's time to stop blaming the world. Time to stop moping and feeling sorry for yourself."
"Okay," I sigh. "So, what's next?"
Thus begins another chapter in this life. The weak and weary traveller. On the road to...? Who knows? All I know is that I'm learning quickly that sunny paths aren't always in the forecast. Life isn't always what you want it to be. And... well... if it was, then there wouldn't be a way for the dirt and the grime to wash away.
I guess that's my prayer. That's my hope. Is that the storm is passing. That these dark clouds that have been shadowing me will bring a much-needed cleansing rain to my tired soul. And maybe... just maybe... there'll be some friends to meet me out in the rain.