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Eggs Benedict...

Okay, let me just begin by saying that I love my wife. She's the best. If you haven't gotten a chance to get to know her, you can check out her blog here - Drop her a line and tell her she's an awesome woman. I guess I'm just lucky. :-) Earlier this week, she took on yet another job at the church - this time paid - as cook for our church's daycare ministry. She has displayed an incredible servant's heart in trying to do all she can to help out where she can... and I'm proud of her. Just had to say it. :-)

In other news, you're probably aware that we have a new pope. If you don't, it's time to get out of your cave. :-) Am I the only one wondering what this new pope will bring? On one had, I don't think that he has the potential to be the charismatic world leader that the Catholics were calling for in their new pope. Which, I might add, as a pre-millenialist, relieves me. Just the words they were using, and the fact that one of the main issues they thought was of importance was bringing peace and resolution to the middle east were concerns for me. Maybe I've just spent too much time reading the Left Behind books and listening to Calvary Chapel pastors. It's just wierd to hear it in the news in those terms. All the more, it just reminds me that we need to be ready, because in essence, we have never been closer to the return of Christ than we are right now. Are you ready?

On the other hand, the views of this pope on remaining staunchly Catholic concerns me. His words about how Protestants are "deficient" raise some definite red flags in my mind. I mean, I realize that we as Protestants are not completely correct. We are led by sinful men, after all! But on the other hand, am I alone in seeing a huge barrier of pride built up on both sides - Protestant and Catholic? Mistakes have been made on both sides, and rather than acknowledging them and trying to bridge the gap, we are trying to remain distinctly our denomination, rather than seeking to do the Lord's will. I guess that that's one of my pet peeves - remaining true to a denominational stance on an issue because it's what we've always done, rather than truly asking ourselves, "what would bring glory to God?" I mean, the schism of the early church wasn't started to be divisive. It was meant to guide some misguided opinions back to the heart of God. Pride, however, got in the way - and I continue to see and hear it on talk radio. I mean, hey - listen to the Frank Pastore show whenever Catholicism is brought up. Talk about your prideful Protestants that want nothing to do with Catholics, sometimes being outright harsh. Ugh. Christians bewilder me sometimes.

What would it look like for us to honestly seek the heart of God? It's something I need more and more work on, and maybe if you get a chance, you can drop me a line and see how I'm doing. God knows that I need it, and that I'm far from where I want to be. Besides, it might give me a better idea of who's out there reading this thing. :-) Maybe together we can help each other on towards lives lived for His glory. Just some thoughts from a passing traveller.


On a lighter note...

Okay, so maybe this is fake, but... what's sad (and extremely scary) is that I've been to churches where this can easily be the case....

525,600 minutes...

Okay, so I've refrained from blogging for a while, partly because I've been so incredibly busy with kids and Easter stuff at church, and partly because I've been trying to keep from commenting on the overbearing news from the past few weeks. Add to that the devestating losses of both Sarah Anne Basso and Robert Hampson, as well as an announcement of pregnancy from Myka & Darryl Stephens, and you've got yourself a pretty good reason for procrastination, I guess.

So much for the inevitable, eh? The Terry Schaivo case and the passing of Pope John Paul II have flooded the news for the past weeks. I don't think I've heard about much else on the talk shows for as long as I can remember. So what's my take? Sin. That's all I can seem to think about the Terry Schaivo case, and in my mind, it only bears the fact that in my own life there are so many people who desperately need to hear the Gospel. I mean, what would have happened had the lives of the judges been different; changed by the grace of God to respect and love life as a gift from God? What about Michael Schaivo? I guess the burning question in my mind is, what else do I expect those whose lives are given to sin to do? Shall we be suprised when sinners give in to temptation? No! I don't know; maybe I'm being too hard on myself, but I desperately pray that God would send revival not only in my own heart but in the heart of His people around the world. Sin is rapidly finding a foothold in our culture, and the only hope I believe we have is the Gospel. Have you heard it? Check out this site if you've never heard about what Christ has done for you.

Now... about the pope. Okay, even though it might shock my mom to hear this, the man was a great man. I mean, here is a man used his power and abilities to topple communism, build bridges, and reach out to millions of people. I honestly do believe that he has had an intimate encounter with God, and allowed his relationship with God to permeate his religious life. Now if only that message would be preached from the anvils of every Catholic church - that Catholics need their religious life to be fueled by an intimate relationship with Christ, and that the term isn't something simply reserved for Protestants.

So what do I think about the next pope? Maybe I've just read too many Left Behind books, but... what about the fact that the Vatican puts a great deal of emphasis on trying to build bridges between the Jews and Muslims in the Holy Land? What about the fact that the Vatican holds a significant amount of influence over the European nations? Just some thoughts I've been having... We'll see. All I know is that we've never been closer to the return of Christ than we are right now.

So... that's what I have so far. Now it's time for me to finish eating and head off to bed. Hope you're all doing well, and that you'll come back and visit my blog when I have some lighter material to read through. BTW, Anne and Jen - it was absolutely great to get a chance to visit with you this weekend! And Hilby - next time don't drive off so fast!!!! Love you all!


Only my kids...